What Online Dating Is Like For Black Women

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“Everyone seems to have a convenient solution for single people who have fallen into a monumental dating slump: Look for love online! In the age of instant gratification and lightening-speed…

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25 Responses to “What Online Dating Is Like For Black Women”

  1. Liz Nguyen Luu says:

    As an Asian female, I will attest that Asian men do not like Asian women…
    Or maybe they just don’t like me womp womp 

  2. Tabitha Harris says:

    I’m so sick of stupid studies like this, dang why are people so obsessed
    with black women and there dating life. Also a group of white people
    talking about black women relationship is ridiculous. And I wish people
    would stop categories black women as one type of women, with being angry or
    a nasty attitude. And last thing I truly don’t care if any man especially
    black men don’t want to date black women and other black women shouldn’t

  3. Ivory Oasis says:

    So…basically…men suck and have no class. 

  4. Blazing Lion says:

    black women are sexy as fuck. it’s just the attitude that’s a flaw. they’re
    also less crazy and more faithful than the rest. in my experience.

  5. John Schwalb says:

    Just like being gay is not a choice for people who are gay. I have no
    choice of who I am attracted some black women are beautiful and some just
    don’t look good at all to me, same with white and Hispanic woman I can’t
    help it. 

  6. Sweejit says:

    Get off your moral high horses and stop dictating what it’s okay to be
    attracted to and what is not. I find all races to have attractive women,
    although I have seen fewer attractive black women than for example white
    and East Asian. Does this make me a racist? No, it fucking doesn’t. It just
    means that the features I’m attracted to in women are less prominent in
    black women from my experience. That being said, I’ve met some very
    attractive black women so it’s not that it’s the skin tone which is what
    puts me off before anyone even fucking implies it.

  7. AbominableHuman says:

    An ugly woman has problems dating. Great news story, guys. It’s because
    she’s black, obviously… Right TYT?

  8. Shae Dickerson says:

    I have zero problems dating anyone.

  9. AsifIcarebear3 says:

    I honestly don’t want to hear even a single word of complaint about dating
    from any woman who is not severely, severely disfigured or mentally
    retarded. There will always – and I do really mean *always* – be men who
    are willing to fuck you, or lonely enough to date you long term. They won’t
    be model 10/10 dudes, but we’re talking about the fact that no woman has to
    be single if she doesn’t want to. Not so with men. I’m luckily not in this
    situation, but I know many guys who are truly desperate for any type of
    female affection, and yet they get none.
    So quit your fucking whining.

  10. urgandma says:

    Not trying to be mean… but black women don’t exactly have the best
    reputation when it comes to dating. Even black men talk serious shit about
    them. The only black women I would consider dating are the oreos. 

  11. XxDrewPlaysxX says:

    If I see one one more race video in my feed today I am done with TYT. You
    used to make great videos with logical criticism ,but now all you do is
    sensational bullshit. Could you not consider financial factors, cultural,
    or the fact that whites are the majority? 

  12. Zen Marshall says:

    It’s obvious white people are on average the most attractive. Unfortunately
    you can’t say so cause you’ll be called racist.

  13. louie wallenberg says:

    Please don’t go with the sexism or racial card here… MAYBE… Men don’t
    feel as much sexually attracted to black women as white or asian women?
    Sexuality isn’t sexist or racist.

    Because it’s obviously impossible for a woman to not be sexually wanted by
    every single man on the planet, right? Fucking dried up twat, that is was
    she is. It’s the exact same reasoning as men who feel to have the right
    towards women. 

  14. RumbleHD says:

    Black women are sexy as hell. You’d have to be ignorant to think a few
    black women represent all black women. 

  15. Julius Johnson says:

    BREAKING NEWS: Someone had a hard time finding a date online and complained
    about it. Tune in later where we speculate whether people are racist for
    having a preference to date people they find attractive.

  16. Brandontroll says:

    That’s the lawyer from always sunny in philly

  17. stonem001 says:

    Maybe black women are just objectively less attractive and classy overall.

  18. Supersnow ​​ says:

    Most American black women are so ghetto, gross and stupid. Call me a racist
    all you want but it’s true. And I don’t mean mixed women I mean straight up
    BLACK women. Their uneducated, have kids they can’t afford, and live in the

  19. ashleyrp2007 says:

    i wish you guys would’ve invited a black woman on the panel to speak
    instead of just four white people discussing black issues.

  20. Scott Williams says:

    Why are there so many angry white people in these comments? You’re white
    and are thus superior to all, so why should the opinions of filthy coloured
    people matter to you?

  21. Skinhead Jarvis says:

    Asian women are the best.

  22. MrZekerdude says:

    Black women are the most obese and feminist group in america. That’s why
    they’re overlooked.

  23. jakegibson says:

    At 32 I’ve dated most major ethnic groups and except for one girl my
    experience with black women has been horrible. The black women I’ve dated
    were even extremely emotional thinkers, jumped quickly to conclusion, and
    we’re prejudice toward other racial groups (Arab/Latin) this is anecdotal I
    know but it’s happened over and over. Unless I really get to know a black
    girl I probably won’t give her a fair shot. 

  24. MultiMr.Patron says:

    As a black man the majority of black women I dated were somewhat angry or
    mad about something. No matter what I did it wasn’t enough to please them.
    I either didn’t make enough money, I’m focusing to much on my school and
    not giving her enough of my time, or I’m an asshole because I don’t let
    them live with me at my apartment. Now I’m gonna wait until I finish
    college before I try the dating black women thing again.

  25. J Briggs says:

    Black women are just intimidating, I don’t even talk to black women because
    I assume they automatically hate me because I’m white.

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