Man uses dating website to track down iPhone thief

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One man impersonated a woman to get back his iPhone.Video Rating: 5 / 5
He didn’t give up after losing his precious device, which he left in a cab.
After receiving email alerts from a dating site from a profile…

All you need is a mobile phone with iPhone and Google Android applications, a desire to seek friendship and romance and minimal effort.

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5 Responses to “Man uses dating website to track down iPhone thief”

  1. FerretBarret says:

    Lol yeah the police would have put a five man team on the case…definitely

  2. SimpleJack says:

    Lol, why didn’t this moron use find my phone? Then all he would have had to
    do is go to the location of his phone and give the thief a kicking.

  3. ryan grossaint says:

    Cops are lazy, I was robbed for over 5000 dollars in electronics including
    my 9yr old sons playstation he got for christmas, the guy even called them
    and bragged about it and the cops know where his lives, but the worthless
    pigs told me 2hrs was just too far for them to drive and I should be lucky
    I have insurance. 

  4. waffamoto says:

    i know.. that was such a typical police response too. good on this guy for
    using his head

  5. Vae Victis says:

    The police wouldn’t have done shit.

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