Korean Dating Culture For Kyopos (Adults Only)

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Honestly it doesn’t matter where you live, online dating but predominantly swipe apps are extremely superficial. do you still think Koreans are skeptical when it comes to relationships with foreigners? is there like a negative stigma attached, probably pressure from older generations but not the youth

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25 Responses to “Korean Dating Culture For Kyopos (Adults Only)”

  1. Alexandro Pacheco says:

    Dude you are a tool.

  2. Mp22Ms says:

    I just read ‘Toniitalian’s comments and the two women seem to have been
    just curious about foreigners and wanted to practice English. I assume T
    tried to sleep with them, but they refused? The third one, cop, is the sort
    of woman that particularly Korean men hate if she sleeps with only
    foreigners(white), but not sleep with Koreans so easily. Generally in
    Korea, women are not supposed to sleep with men before marriage. Even
    though it is changing a lot, but it won’t be open like in Western
    countries. Not yet or maybe never.

  3. Jeremy McVicar says:

    LOL – You know, I just became a member of and the VERY
    FIRST Korean girl I talked too today was extremely rude to me… and she’s
    the one who contacted me first. I’ve been watching your videos and this is
    all very helpful. I’m going to keep trying to see if a Korean girl is for
    me – I mean, they are very attractive – but I don’t have time to go through
    some of the stuff your talking about. Further, I’m not going to fly all the
    way to Korea for a girl – just to see her for the first time – and play
    these games. Thanks for your videos. I’ll keep watching. 

  4. Sakata Gintoki says:

    So, basically stay home, find some ABKs and enjoy a proper dating
    experience than any of this insanity? I notice that of all Asian cultures,
    only Korea seems to have too many sticks jabbed deep into its ass. Go
    figure I guess.

  5. shongley says:

    Great video. I look forward to learning more from you. I lived in Korea for
    8 years but still couldn’t understand much. 

  6. Mark Kim says:

    Thank you for the video–I thought It was enlightening. I’m a gyopo who
    recently started dating a native Korean woman and I’m sometimes taken aback
    by the 문화차이.

  7. Mp22Ms says:

    Her excuse for 4 years age difference, not 3 years or less doesn’t seem to
    be the real reason. Sorry to tell you, but It seems it is just an excuse to
    get out of the relationship with you.

  8. TheObSeRvErTheObSeRv says:

    Korean women, are just WOMEN, There all the same there bitches with

  9. companysoulnyc says:

    What did i just watch? Couldnt get past 4 minutes… You have problems.
    If you have to go somewhere else to find a girl, you have no game and you
    are desperate. This has got to be the corniest thing i’ve seen.

  10. jamstrings100 says:

    You’re cute.

  11. Laurnea says:

    I agree about the migration.

  12. Cynthia Fisher says:

    It is really hard to meet a Korean man who wants to be in a relationship
    with you. I am about to give up on all tog. I am an interesting person but
    I am not disperate. I have dated a guy for about 2-3 years and he has not
    commtted to nothing. I am patient but it is running thin. It is what it is.

  13. Toniitalian says:

    Maybe i didn’t have enough time to try other different women, but my first
    impression of the few Korean I met is that they were outgoing,and
    cosmopolitan about it. Maybe some South Korean(or Korean American) ladies
    reading this can give their perspective to the two dating experiences yours
    and mine. All I can say i can not complain at all,or maybe I was too lucky?
    Ladies what do you think?

  14. 808naty says:

    I try to understand Koreans but God I cant. My boyfriend is Korean and his
    mom loves me but yet they are very weird. If there is Koreans here who
    would like to explain there culture to me a little better I would be glad!

  15. Nialee Mass says:

    apparently being young to get married is very important, like in African,
    Maghrebian and Arab cultures being young for women is important, Korean
    insist on men being young too.

  16. Laurnea says:

    I love the korean way of dating. I am not korean but I cant imagine going
    to a guy’s house until maybe 15 dates later. Im old school like that. This
    is why I can relate to koreans way of dating more easily although I was
    born and raised in the west. Ive never stayed overnight in a guy’s house.
    About women’s marriage age its changing a lot. Women are getting married
    older because theyre educated. I know at least 2 onnies who got married at
    32 and one over 32 whos getting married this year.

  17. bird jysong says:

    Here’s my advice. ( i’ve lived her for 10 years) If you want a hot
    superficial korean girl, be superficial and show her how much money you
    have and wine and dine her with gifts. She will expect you to treat her
    like a queen but when you get married she will treat you like her king. If
    you want a sweet korean girl, more natural and down to earth, learn korean
    and be proactive( plan dates, lead conversation) Korean girls are less
    expressive and like to play games, ie. mildang( 밀당), passive agg

  18. MinjiLindsey says:

    This video encourages and perpetuates bad behavior in my opinion. And is
    not accurate as far as facts are concerned either… girls, don’t believe
    this drivvel. ugh total waste of my time…

  19. Yeyochan says:

    Straight up pillars, was that a word-pun ? 😀

  20. BBCoach21 says:

    I Love it here and love the Korean women act…. It is so fascinating and
    unique. I have only been here 3 weeks, lived in America my whole life. This
    place is so much better and so awesomely different…

  21. Bludfeathr says:

    I am curious if you know anything about Korean Gay Dating culture. (I am
    responding to your claim as being a cultural anthropologist at 8:18)

  22. ic3kn says:

    this is so helpful..

  23. quelorepario says:

    That is why I see a cross migration of conservatives and liberals between
    East and the West. Western conservatives love the traditional (or archaic)
    matchmaking, while liberal Koreans love the wild promiscuity of the west.

  24. BBCoach21 says:

    lol…. You Go Girl!

  25. Toniitalian says:

    I’m still wondering why you found it difficult to score with a Korean
    woman. Your dominance of the Korean language,and looks should have given
    you an advantage over other foreigners. Or is it that some Korean want to
    venture out with foreigners,to practice their English? The secretary of the
    hospital even invited to a restaurant to try Korean food. The teacher was
    more interested in my impression of Korean schools. The cop surprised me
    because she looked more traditional Korean,but accepted sex

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