Date The Easy Way

How To Get A Date The Easy Way

There is no reason to be ashamed to admit if you are having trouble getting a date. The truth is, most men are expected to just know how to do these things but it’s not that easy. We were never taught how to talk to women, or how to attract women or even how to get a date. So just remember, if you are feeling a bit lost with this whole idea of getting a date, it should be. It’s totally normal.

We all know there are guys out there that can just walk up to a girl without any fear and 5 minutes later have a date set up for later in the week. And if you really give this part of your life the attention it deserves you can learn and master that skill too. But we are not worried about those super ninja tactics that those guys use.

Instead in this short article I am going to share rock solid techniques that will get the job done when you master it.

So the first thing you should remember is that you should never ever come across as being desperate. It’s true that women can sense desperation on a man and it is not attractive at all. So whatever she says and does while talking to you, must never come across as a big deal. You must always come across as in control and not much worried about impressing her.

In other words, you want to show her that you don’t care if she likes you. You’re just looking for some conversation. And because of this attitude you will not try to impress her or kiss up to her. If she wants you to buy her a drink and you do it, it will show her that you are trying to make her like you. The biggest piece of advice I can give you here is to make the word no your best friend.

It will be hard the first few times you do it to a beautiful girl that you just met. But saying no to a stunning woman has amazing power. She almost never hears that word from men. She only hears it from people that don’t want anything from her and people she respects. So she will immediately respect you when you are man enough to say no to her.

When it comes to actually asking for the date it really comes down to you again not making a big deal out of it. It’s more like. Hey I enjoyed your company, I would love to get together again sometime and hang out, if you’re interested cool, if not that’s cool too. This gives her the idea that no matter what she says, your life will go on. And when you say that, don’t wait for her to answer, just change the topic and talk about something else as if nothing happened.

Then as you are about to leave, just ask her, so are we going to meet up sometime? If she says yes you just keep calm and take her number. If she says no, you just keep calm and keep the smile on your face and then just say cool. Tell her to have a cool day and that it was nice chatting to her and leave.

It’s really that easy. You just have to realize that if she says yes it’s not a big deal and if she says no, it’s still not a big deal.

So just do it.

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